Monday, July 12, 2010

Top Secret Mission

The weather here is incredibly hot! It has been over 30 degrees celsius the past week and the hot spell looks like its not going to ease off anytime soon.

I'm literally melting. Yesterday, we had 37 degrees! I took 3 showers and was still perspiring all the time! Heat wave without air-conditioning in Europe is simply put, in one word, brutal.

Still, we had an awesome weekend!

Another young couple in our cell group got engaged! They went canoeing with another couple and during the ride, Toby decided to pop the question, to which Sarina gladly accepted! **fortunately**

We were informed beforehand to gather at the place where they would disembark from their canoe to surprise them. It was soo fun seeing how Sarina was so taken aback! I have to take my hats off to Toby for planning such a flawless surprise engagement party!
Waiting in anticipation...
The newly-engaged couple. See Sarina's look of surprise written all over her face, when she realized that we've been waiting in the bushes to embush her!
The rewards after that! Meat was provided and I prepared some garlic prawns on sticks, so absolutely mouth-watering! Lurve real BBQ in the forest and with charcoal.

I accidentally had some orange juice spilt all over my lap because the table where I was sitting at was slanting. Hence, I became a magnet for flies and it didn't matter how many times I washed myself with water, I was still sticky.

So what did we do after that?
Ok, that's not us, but we did the same thing too

We jumped into the river where they canoed! Oh boy, the water was really cold and refreshing! I'm sure it was maybe 20-25 degrees, but oh boy, it was simply the best thing that one could do on such a warm, humid day! It was deep enough for us not to be able to touch the ground, so we had to constantly thread water to keep afloat - excellent exercise!

Hubby and I even took the canoe and went canoeing for bit on the river too..... Oooh, totally reminded me of the times when we went canoeing in Thailand during our honeymoon and also during our Bali trip last year.

We have decided that we want to explore more interesting things to do in Germany. We're such couch potatoes that our ideal weekend consists of spending time together and either watching a DVD at home or going to the cinema. What can I say, I simply enjoy spending couple time with my sweetie! :)

Still, while we are still young and all, we agreed that we're going to try to be more adventurous and do "more unusual" things!

**watch this space**!


Sabrina said...

Went kayaking in Mallorca and absolutely loved it! Wouldn't mind a bit of canoeing either though as when you are out on the sea you feel like you are not moving at all, very frustrating.

Unfortunately I missed the heat wave in the UK as it was last week while I was away. Gutted...

Lots of love,

jie jie x

Pris said...

Hey Jie Jie!:)

Nice to hear from you!

Where did you go? Were you on holiday? Oh, I wouldn't miss the "heat wave" though! I don't know how hot it was in London, but it was sweltering here!

Oh yeah, I think canoeing on the open sea is somewhat different from canoeing on a river!


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