Friday, April 09, 2010

God's blessings in the daily grind of life....

Sorry for not blogging for one full week! Yikes. I've been wanting to blog but have been so busy everyday with work and all that I simply didn't have the time nor the energy to do so! Lots of photos from Strasbourg to share, but I think that might have to wait till next week! To whet your appetite, I posted one photo of us...more to come next week.

I feel sooo blessed lately that I want to share with you.

1) God helping me through my tiredness in work

This week has been sooo tiring for me. I don't know why. But I've felt so under the weather. I have a little bit of cold from the daily temperatures fluctuation of between 8 to 10 degrees. The constant havin to wake up in the middle of the night for one reason or the other and taking forever to fall asleep again aggravated my tiredness.

And for those who know me, I'm a complete Zombie when I don't sleep enough.

Today, I worked from 8am to 12noon and was supposed to work again from 5 to 8pm. I was ├╝ber exhausted and prayed yesterday and today pleading with God to help me through the day. Turns out? The guy was ill too so my entire 3 hours from 5 to 8pm was cancelled. This meant that I would get paid 3 hours without having to work! :)

That's not all. A colleague of mine asked if I could switch Saturday shifts with her and I gladly obliged, since I would rather work 2 weeks later than tomorrow. This meant that last night I went to bed thinking that my weekend would only start tomorrow at 2.30pm but it turned out that my weekend started today at noon!

2) Got my first freelance job as a proofreader!

One of my student's boyfriend wants me to proofread his P.H.D thesis. I had to negotiate my fees without shortchanging myself and I don't even know what the "market rate" is.

I simply had to ask myself this question. "How much do you want to earn to be compensated for my time and effort?" It wasn't an easy question, because on one hand, I was grateful for this chance to try out something new and on the other hand, I know how much time I take to correct my students' English texts.

It feels great though, knowing that I'm earning money right from the comforts of my own home. :) The only drawback is that I would have to work during the weekend. But yay!!! 300€ extra pocket money is always nice!!! Perhaps I can even make a living out of this as a sideline.

3) My medicine might be working!

Remember how I mentioned that I'm taking some medication that's causing me more negative than positive side effects? I've experienced my first positive side effect, such that I think things are beginning to work again in my body. Only time will tell if its really an effect from the medication or if its just "coincidence". Still, its worth giving God praise about! :)

4) 2 for the price of one

I ordered some stuff on the Internet from the U.S. because they were 20% the price of that in Germany. However, the first shipment took forever to come, so I contacted the company to enquire about the delay. They reckoned that it was probably lost in the mail so they sent a second package free-of-charge.

It turned out that the first package was "detained" at the customs and could only be retrieved upon verification of the receipt which should also indicate the contents of the package.

We did just that with no further hassle and the next package arrived fuss-free 2 days later.

Heehee. So yeah, the Singaporean in me is delighted at snapping a great bargain just because the first package was delivered 1 month late!


Manis said...

pris, curry my recipe is easy one lar, no need curry leaves (where to find here, what they have at asia markt is the dried ones, i see also heart pain..wonder why they sell those, makes our curries full of dead hard dried curry leaves! wasted.
normally my way is just one onion and garlic, (i dont put too much garlic, mr dont like) then i blend those 2 together. heat oil and fry those 2 until aroma comes out lah.. hahaha.. then i put curry powder. i still have my babas brand curry - so far i didnt see they sell here but since u going back sg, get few - they hv fish curry powder and chicken powder. ok then stir the curry powder together with the onions and garlic. after they all mixed i add carrot, potatoes (i put 2 tbspoon of curry powder btw)- this time i just put carrot, since potatoes is out of stock at my place..then i add coconut milk. then add fish or chicken. last part i put tomatoes and corriander leaves lah, but not neccessary. tadaaaa.. ok babe good luck with the curry. its so easy..(dont forget add salt normally i dont trust salt, i put chicken stock! hahahahahha)

enjoy yr sunday k:)

Pris said...

Thanks Manis for your recipe!

Unfortunately, I don't have any Babas brand curry here....are they good? I used to have some fish curry paste but gave them away without trying them...cos I didn't feel ambitious enough to make fish curry....yah, that happened in my 1st yr in Germany.

Glad that I'm so much more ambitious with food now!


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