Monday, March 01, 2010

Welcome Spring!

Ok spring officially started last Saturday. The sun is coming out to play more often, birds have begun to chirp and I´m so looking forward to warmer weather after a cold, long winter! Hence, I couldn´t wait to dig out my spring / summer clothes, and wear them!

When I was teaching last week, I noticed one of my students wearing a dress with tights and heels. I thought it looked so classy and elegant that I decided to give it a try too! No worries, I wore stockings under my leggings so those are not bare feet that you are seeing. Its still too cold to go bare-footed!

My sweetie and I run these Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) with some of our youths who are getting married and one of them was so sweet!

You know how sometimes you can have the most tiring and stressful Fridays ever? 

End of the week. Didn´t sleep well. Didn´t sleep enough. Taught for 4 hrs and had a private 1-on-1 class for 1.5 hours with a guy and was so absolutely knacked that I didn´t know how I could muster up the strength to think of something to cook plus conduct a MPC session. To make matters worse, my neck muscles were so sore that day, hence I was physically in pain too.

It was just the best timing ever......

He bought me these flowers. They were soooooo beautiful and exactly my taste that one look at it and I just felt soooo loved! Loved by them and by God. And so encouraged that God knew just what I needed.

Of course, I´m much able to say this now in retrospect, because on that day, I was just so tired that I simply managed a "Thank You" and a weak enthusiastic smile. But till today, I look at them and they still bring such joy to my heart!!!!

So yeah! Here´s a Happy Spring to You and I´ll say this meaningfully, "Congrats to all you who survived winter!!!!" Its seriously no mean feat! Endless dark days and nights, layering like crazy, having so much more to wash and iron, falling sick from the cold bug, hibernation at home... you get the picture. I really need to grow a few more layers of skin before I can truly say I enjoy winter! - Ok, I love skiing and you can´t ski without winter, so I´ll say I love winter because I can ski! But the reality of the biting cold is still something I have to grit my teeth through - pardon my pun.

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