Friday, March 05, 2010

Rewards of my job

How has your week been?

Today was the last day at one of my companies.

I love this class. They are so fun, spontaneous and its always such a joy to see them on Friday mornings. :)

We had some pretzels, sausages and bread to end off the course. They gave me a Merci chocolate and a couple of them thanked me personally for the lessons.

I think one guy even kissed me on my cheeks twice. You know how you hug people and just "muak muak" on both sides? I´m not 100% sure but I´m pretty positive that I felt 2 pecks on both sides of my cheeks!

It happened so fast that I was puzzled for a second.

Anyway, its times like today when my job is really rewarding. Its so nice to be appreciated by people AND to have them express it!

I left them my contacts, plus hubby´s namecard (for possible future clients) and our church´s card, while inviting them for our services which is barely 15 mins from the company.

Apparently most of them have heard or at least seen the building and were pretty surprised that it is a church! Yup, we have a very modern building that looks more like an auditorium than a regular European church with high steeples and dark walls.

I´m still waiting for the photos we took, but as soon as they are sent, I will upload them.

In the meantime, have yourself a great weekend! I think I spoke too early regarding spring. Its sub-zero temperatures here and snow has been predicted for tomorrow! I have to work so there goes my Saturday.

Will seriously hope that the side effects of this medication that I´m on is not going to affect me! Today I felt sooo bad in class that I was seriously considering adjourning lessons, because I couldn´t stop thinking of the toilet....go figure.

Anyway, I need to take this medication, as prescribed by my Endocrinologist, which according to general information from the Internet, causes a whole string of side effects, which are supposed to disappear after a while. How long is "a while" varies from individual to individual.... bah.



We have big pretzels like that in our local malls. They're ok but I still like stick pretzels better.

I hope you feel better.


Pris said...

Thanks Ron for your timely comment and encouragement! :) So appreciated.

Oh I only learnt how to eat pretzels in Germany. They taste really nice with butter!



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