Monday, January 18, 2010

A walk in the park

That´s a frozen lake in the background btw.

There´s been so much snow lately that we decided that we had to go for snow walks! So last Saturday, we took the car and went for a drive to Rosenstein Park.  It´s just around the corner from where we live, but oh boy, there´s nothing like being in nature.

To breathe in the fresh, crisp winter air, soak your eyes in the beauty and serenity of pure,white snow and add to that the magic of being with your partner for life - total bliss.... We spent an hour just walking, talking, praying about issues on our hearts, hearing from God and letting Him refresh our hearts again.

After that, we went to the Königstraße to do..... shopping! Ok, so we shopped for household items like something to chop up vegetables, so that I don´t have to cry each time I cut an onion, plus many other stuff that we happened to come across. I can forget so easily that Stephan makes such a perfect shopping companion. As a matter of fact, shopping is one of our favourite pastimes together. He´s the type of guy who enjoys shopping and is not gay. He gives his opinion, is patient enough to wait and also enjoys looking for things for himself - that´s if he manages to drag me away from my womens´ department. haha.

However, being in Germany, we´re both somehow very price-conscious. I have this automatic setting in my brain about how Euro is double the Singapore dollar and I would be better off waiting to get it, if I can make a better deal halfway across the world. Stephan shops more in Singapore too funnily enough. I guess going to Singapore has the whole holiday feel to it, so we´re easily enticed to empty our wallets at the sight of "sale" on display.

Love how the white clouds cut distinct lines against the blue skies.
Ok, this isn´t the sunset. I photoshopped it so that the photo´s clearer
Love the poetic feel of this pix. The trees lining the winding pathway and a man walking through the seasons of life......
The dinosaur is there because the park is just next to the Museum of Natural History. Oh top right is a picture of the "dirty" snow that I was telling you about. They actually look nice on the photo, but trust me... they can get real, extremely dirty!
Left: Footprints in the snow, somewhat parallel to the poem entitled "footprints in the sand".
Love you sweetie! Can´t believe we´ll be celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary next month! And that would also mark the 7th year of getting together!..... Can really say that I´ve married my handsome prince, laughing partner, cleaning-up helper and all-in-one best friend ! When things look gloomy, I just have to look at my hubby and know that God is good.


bel said...

Love this post Pris! Considering u know how much I love the snow haha.. love the pics esp the one with the footprints. =)

Pris said...

Dear Bel! :) Thanks sweetie! Yeah, I know how much you love snow! So sad that it hasn´t snowed during Christmas over the past 2 yrs! There´s still this year, you know! hahah.

Rebecca said...

hey nice pics! i miss walking in nature with all the snow!

Pris said...

Thanks Rebecca! :) They look nice in photos!

Sabrina said...

Awwww... Aren't you all loved up with my bro?! :) Glad to read that he isn't gay but love the fact that he looks like someone out of The Matrix with short (super short!) hair. :)

See you in a few days!

jie jie xxx

Anonymous said... your hubby loves shopping AND is not gay...lucky gal ;-D


Pris said...

Hey Jie Jie!
Yeah your brother is the best thing in my life these days. Really. I´ve been plagued with the stupid bladder infection and its taking its toll on me. I simply need to force myself to focus on the good thing(s) in life.

Pris said...

Hey Geli,
This is so funny. Apparently the "gay" thing seems to be the most outstanding part of my post eh? hahah. Just had to mention it since I talked about guys who enjoy shopping, haha.


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