Thursday, December 03, 2009

New Moon

Last Saturday we spent a quiet evening by renting the "Twilight" DVD so that we could decide if we wanted to watch the "New Moon" sequel. I must say that the Twilight show was really pretty good! :) Hence, we ended up watching its sequel the following day in the cinema. Unexpectedly, it was actually darker and scarier than its predecessor.

The movies were adapted from some bestseller books. I haven´t read the books but the movies were good enough.

This is the typical story of a human girl, Bella Swan played by Kristen Stewart who falls in love with a guy vampire, Edward Cullen (Richard Pattinson) with the twist that this vampire is a "vegetarian" - he feeds on animal instead of human blood. I like how Edward likened being a vegetarian vampire to eating tofu even though you like meat.

The chemistry between Kristen Stewart and her co-star Richard Pattinson is really strong. The other co-star, Taylor Lautner who´s sorta the 3rd guy in the love triangle has an awesome bod!!! Check out those abs! Oh and guess what? I just checked out his profile and realized that he´s born in 1992!!! That makes him 17! Geez, why do I suddenly feel so old???

Great movie, amazing soundtrack and gripping storyline. Definitely recommended!


Sabrina said...

Oh Pris, you NEED to read the books! I watched Twilight and was actually a little bit disappointed as the love story between them isn't as 'developed' in the film as it is in the book. But then you might not feel the same about it after having watched the film... I read all four books in the space of two weeks. Even read the last book while walking down the street as couldn't stop! :) Saddo...

I LOVE Edward Cullen - the actor doesn't even look half as good as my imagined Edward though...


Pris said...

Oh Sabrina, are the books really that good? Hmm, I´m not much of a book reader actually. But ok if I know anybody who has those books, I might consider reading them. Hehee.

Edward Cullen - is he supposed to be super good-looking in the books??


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