Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Instant porridge

I had my first taste of instant porridge today. I bought it from the asian store a long time ago and realized that it was still sitting in my basket, together with all my other packets of Maggi or Knorr -lifesavers for the hungry.

Was a bit hesitant at first, but decided to give it a shot since I love porridge and don´t always have the time or patience to cook it from scratch. And its just so convenient when I have lunch on my own.

Oh boy, I was blown away by this brand! :) It was pork flavour and tasted just like the real thing! I had it with my pork floss from Singapore..... what can I say, heaven! Had to think of Crystal Jade´s porridge in Singapore.... Enjoyed every bit of it while trying to shut out the fact that it contained artificial flavouring / MSG.


Manis said...

pris.. my fav ones are Mi goreng (Indomie) brand. When i first moved to germany.. i am so crazy abt maggie curry noodle but now.. sick of it. BTW yr area got sell maggie instant noodle brand not? here donthave. so my mom has to post.

Pris said...

Hey Manis - I actually prefer the Ibumie, the previous name used to be Indomie. Its from Malaysia I think compared to indomie from Indonesia.

Maggie noodles, hmm, there isn´t any here either. I have a lot of the Myojo noodles from Hong Kong. Asked the asian store owner to get it from Hong Kong and had a bulk order, because I asked the other Singaporeans if they wanted too. Ordered 6 boxes of 30 packets each at one go!

Manis said...

last year a friend of a friend visited us and he gave us ramen..i was like..nice meh?? so after few months..and wanted to try something new.. i cook lor.. alamak pris!!! nice leh!! so now am crazy abt korean instant noodle too. hahaha. have u try?

Pris said...

Manis - I´ve tried Korean instant noodles too. But they are VERY spicy! Somehow find it a bit too spicy.... but if you like spicy food, it would be great for you!


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