Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Advent is just around the corner

Can´t believe that 2009 is breathing its last few breaths before 2010 starts! Advent is just around the corner and while I look forward to Christmas (and my birthday), I can´t elude the thought that the year is drawing to a close!

Makes me wonder what I have accomplis-hed this year... **Shall save it for another entry**

Anyway, we helped to sell Advent wreaths in church yesterday. Its all for a good purpose really. The proceeds go towards feeding and educating children in Africa, JAM - an international, non-profit organisation that my church has adopted.

I´ve always been cautious of companies like these, after all the bad publicity we´ve heard of charities absconding with millions of philanthropic money.

However, since the wife of our head pastor herself oversees the operations of JAM in Germany, I´m more than willing to support this organisation. 42€ is all it takes to feed a child for 1 year. For more information, please click here.

There´s this really talented lady from our region who spearheads the entire "Basteln Aktion" - Anybody with time and 2 hands would be taught how to make these wreaths from scratch. Yeah, she´s that talented!

This would be my 4th Christmas in Germany and I´ve always wanted to try my hand at making these things but have never got down to doing it! Well, there´s always 2010! Hahah.

That´s my sweetie doing what he does best! Being the cashier!

I simply had to take a photo of this amazing invention! This is the first time I´m seeing a German cash box! Its so "├╝bersichtlich" - easy to keep an overview. The coins are arranged according to their value so its easy to see how much money you have, without having to count....and everything´s so orderly and neat....very typical German

That´s me and a Greek friend of mine....just decided to do a spontaneous shot, so I have a photo of what I wore! hahaha.


Manis said...

i want that german cash box so much!!! hahaha.

Pris said...

U mean you want the cash in the cash box right? Hah, its for the children in Africa dear!!!


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