Monday, September 28, 2009

France trip part 1 - Nice.

A panoramic shot of the Côte d'Azur in Nice, which literally means "the blue coast" in French. The waters are really that crystal-clear blue!

We arrived in Nice on Tuesday evening. The journey could have been shorter, but we had to make a short stopover at Zurich. Not that I´m complaining, since we got superbly yummy Swiss chocolate and Movenpick ice-cream as snacks in the plane.

Notice the "kiss and fly" blue sign? Its a 5-mins free parking system for guests to alight and their friends to leave without having to pay hefty parking fees - Great system!
After picking up our rented car, we drove to our Bed & Breakfast in Villeneuve Loubet - 15 mins away from the airport and 2 mins from where Steph lives. We were pleasantly surprised at the amenities there. For 50€/night, we got daily housekeeping, air-conditioning, a private terrace and bathroom. Very clean, spacious and value for money. Highly-recommended. (B&B website)

Our first meal over at the Picards where we had our first gastronomic experience. We were treated to Parma ham with melons, Caprese, French cheese (Brie, Saint Félicien, Camembert), red wine and my favourite! Pastries galore! Chocolate eclairs, strawberry tarts etc. Oh boy, we were over the moon. My beanie couldn´t stop eating the cheese.

We have great cheese in Germany too, but I don´t usually buy them as I don´t have a habit of eating them. One could learn and acquire the art of appreciating cheese, however I´m not overly-enthusiastic about it because of its high fat content.Although I must admit that cheese here taste really delectable especially when eaten with bread.

It was superb to go on holiday and visit someone I know. Made me feel like I´ve got family there! Steph and JC were such awesome hosts and we thoroughly enjoyed every meeting with them! Their 2 kids are beyond gorgeous - more photos to come later.
Our first view of the astonishing water. Finally getting to relax!
First lunch at Nice. A simple bar that sold Pizza and pasta. Not impressive. But offered a great view and at reasonable prices. Food in Nice is very similar to that of Italy, since its in the Mediterranean region.
Couldn´t resist dipping my legs in the water. Brr, its beyond cold! Didn´t stop me from going swimming in the next few days though! And these beaches are nude too. I didn´t see any totally nude swimmers though, a couple of top-less women but it was so "normal" that nobody batted an eyelid anymore.
Nice is not just "nice" but its immensely rich too. The number of yachts, huge mansions, cars .. one sees there makes one think there are people who seem immune to the global economic crisis.
Need I say more? Looking at the photos, I wish it´d forever stay summer!


Steph said...

Wah, somehow seeing la Cote D'Azur through your eyes, seems even more beautiful. Keeps me from being jaded and taking the beauty of the place for granted.
We had a great time hanging out with you and Stephane too esp our makan times ;)
Looking forward to your next visit !

Pris said...

Hi Steph! Thks for dropping a note! Yeah loh, your place is sooo beautiful leh...I´m still getting used to the colder weather here. Yup yup! We really enjoyed hanging out with you too! Oh boy, I sure didn´t miss the having to think about what to cook bit. After one-week of no-cooking, I feel so out-of-it in the kitchen again. Will try your Thai Salmon soon! heehee.

Yup! And will definitely visit again!

Beau Lotus said...

Babe, you looked really good in that dress!

Pris said...

Hey Serene! :) Thanks a lot for your compliments! I bought that dress in a small store in Venice for like 29€! Isn´t that such a steal?


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