Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summerly light meals

Its summer and I´ve been cracking my brains about what to cook without making me sweat in the kitchen.... some light, easy dishes that fill the stomach but doesn´t make one feel bloated after here are some of my concoctions.

Mediterranean grilled vegetable (with teriyaki chicken) and pasta

That´s zucchini, mushroom, aubergine, tomatoes and onions seasoned with garlic, Italian herbs and olive oil. We improvised by adding some teriyaki chicken even though it was originally meant as a vegetarian dish. However, we´re both too carnivorous to turn vegetarian.

Sushi! Ohmigosh, we´re using chopsticks??? Why can´t we use fork and knife? In the fun of doing it the Japanese way, I simply had to initiate them to use chopsticks. Look at Simon´s (in red) contorted face.... Argh, how do you do it?

Let me show you how its done. My beanie to the rescue!! Looking like the professional here, hahah.... Just hilarious and amazing watching them trying something for the first time

We had a all-boys-and-1-girl cell yesterday. It was a small group as most of them are still gone for the holidays. Following cell tradition during holidays, we watched a DVD together.

Simon was the first one to pick up a sushi but before he could put it into his mouth, he was asked to give thanks for the food. The sushi dropped before he could finish the prayer! On his second attempt, he was told to dip it in soya sauce, which he valiantly tried to do so. However, the sushi dropped again and this time, right into the soya sauce, splashing it all across the table and on the other guys´shirts.... We were in stitches.

Fried noodles - I cooked way more noodles than normal so that there´d be enough til Friday. Geez, I almost fainted with the additional effort it took to cook this volume of noodles! But guess what? I can actually eat coriander leaves now! I used to hate it when I was young and the slightest taste of it would make me wanna puke. Today, I thought...why not just taste it? I was amazed that my taste buds managed to take it! :) Woo hoo.... suddenly felt what Stephan must feel whenever he conquers a tasting mountain!

Grilled beef steak with Pfifferlinge (mushroom) sauce
Believe it or not, this is actually a very simple dish. Just grill the beef steak and prepare the sauce separately....of course the potatoes have to be boiled at the same time.... I still haven´t mastered the skill of grilling beef.... always seem to be a bit too tough for my taste


Steph said...

Hey Pris, you are like so so welcome to cook for me and JC dinner ;) esp if it's Spore food ! ;)Can't wait !

Pris said...

Hi dear Steph. I would LOVE to cook for you. But my cooking is really pretty basic leh - pretty small fry compared to yours!

What would you like to have? I´m those type who needs recipes for most of what I cook, unless its just me and hubby...then I just throw in what I have... Do you crave anything? Or anything you´ve seen on my blog that you´d like to try?


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