Thursday, July 02, 2009

Work hazard

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I´ve been having a chronic sore throat for the past 2 weeks!

It´s such a pain in the a_ _ because I can´t teach without thinking about how painful my throat is! This is really a work hazard....

I´ve been to the GP twice, who gave me 1-week medical leave from work and antibiotics. I thought that was all I needed to get better. However, 1 week later, there still wasn´t any improvement.

I would wake up with a scratchy throat and have some phlegm stuck in my throat (that doesn´t clear no matter how hard I try to cough). My throat would feel dry, sensitive and irritable.

After 1 or 2 hours of teaching, I´ll feel the soreness in my throat increase slowly and steadily. My efforts of popping Fisherman Friend at regular intervals doesn´t seem to help either.

I´ve followed quite a few advice from friends, of rinsing my mouth with salt water, taking some chinese herbal medicine (pi pa gao), Ricola sweets etc. However, none seem to work!

Oh boy. I´m getting desperate.

Hubby called the throat specialist and he managed to get an appointment for me tomorrow morning. I really hope that he can shed some light on this stupid predicament!

The worse thing about this is that my voice sounds normal! It doesn´t sound hoarse or anything. I sound perfectly fine!

But each time I have to open my mouth, I feel like I´m scratching on an already-sore and inflammed surface in my throat.....

Appreciate prayers because I really don´t know how I can continue to teach without thinking about how best not to have to say anything at all! I just want to shut up and not have to use my precious voice box.

My colleague´s mom (who used to be a teacher too), couldn´t recover from her chronic sore throat and had to stay at home and not talk (literally) for weeks! She subsequently went for a throat operation which bought her a few years of problem-free talking, but the problem did come back eventually..... I certainly hope that I don´t have the same thing!

Just hoping and praying that God will really heal me of this problem....

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