Sunday, March 08, 2009

Cooking therapy and work politics

Its been a while since I last posted. I had a pretty hectic past week because I had to work more than 30 hrs, including Sat. and do quite a bit of travelling, while replacing another teacher. The great thing is that I´m finally making up my negative hours and at least I have Singapore to look forward to, even when my social life is like non-existent these days. Ok, save for the one time when I met my unofficial fashion consultant, Tina last Thurs and we caught up over lunch and shopping - the last time we met being last yr before Christmas.

We also invited the parents over for a get-rid-of-the-frozen-food-before-Singapore meal today. :) I had bought a duck for the longest time and just never actually had the guts to embark on the task of trying out braised duck. Boy, it was quite a difficult task. I literally used most of my Sat evening trying to figure out how to carmelise sugar and oil, coat the duck, fry it, braise it etc....Anybody who has cooked this dish would tell you that it ain´t a piece of cake.

But boy, I was so satisfied with the final product and it did taste like what it does in Singapore. And the best thing was that my in-laws enjoyed the meal too! I´m proud of myself that I´ve managed to improvise my version of the fish soup that now there´s a taste of its own. I used spring onions and coriander this time round and realized finally why many Asian dishes use these two ingredients esp. in soup. Somehow, even though I´m not a fan of Coriander, it really enhances the taste of soup and anything that it is added to! Now, I´ll definitely use more of Coriander whenever I cook Asian food.

Really enjoyed the time with the in-laws.

It looks just like steamboat for CNY right?
The finished product....yummy with spring onions and coriander

The way-too-big duck in the way-too-small frying pan. This was the time when I was making a mess in the kitchen

While braising, the brown colour started to come out....
The finished product, looks just like the real thing right? Complete with braised eggs too. Anita advised me on how best to cut the duck...its a real skill man!

The entire presentation....kept the duck on hot plate so that it would keep warm

A meal´s ain´t complete without dessert....Vienetta ice-cream with fruit


lilacdropsofdew said...

pris.. i must applaud you for your braised duck, it really looks like the REAL THING! Way to go gal!

My fried bee hoon finally succeeded last Sunday after I tried it twice. No more mushy bee hoon! :) andrea

Pris said...

Dear Andrea! :) Thanks dear! That´s encouraging to know! Oh, please post photos of yr fried bee hoon! I usually soak my bee hoon in warm water for 2-3 mins to soften I don´t boil it at all....I find that easier esp. when I want to fry them later....

Beau Lotus said...

Really nice duck, yummy and so well sliced too. I usually massacre my fowl when I try to cut it up...

Pris said...

Dear S.! Thanks for your compliments! - esp. coming from a gourmet cook! :) Really treasure it! But duck is such a lot of work! I need bigger crockery if I want to cook duck in the future.


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