Saturday, January 17, 2009

We survived the IT fast!

Above: Random recent photos of ourselves.....
We survived! 5 days of no blogging, no facebook, no reading of news or other bloggers´news!!!
Woo-hoo! It was tougher than I expected.
I continued to check my email since I use it for work. However, I had to stop my fingers from clicking on the usual websites that I automatically open whenever I´m online. It was so difficult!
The first day was the toughest but the other days turned out better.
Well, I don´t really know if we actually prayed more during this period. It feels like we still prayed the same amount and we would do normally anyways.
Have any of you been on a fast before? Care to share how your experience was like?


Welcome to the Fasting & Praying Club said...

The last time was when I had to interced with God on behalf of my beloved wife.
1) Planned ahead of time at least one day in advance with specific timing. Mine was from morning 7am to 3pm.
2) Had a reasonable 'heavy' meal the day before.
3) It was done on weekend, and spent time at home to read the Bible especially on the promises of God and prayed intensely for the subject to be blessed by God by administering to her needs etc
4) On knees with full of burdens and cried to the LORD.
5) After a few hours, the stomach begun to make noise. Struggled and managed by God's grace to overcome it.
5) After an hour on the knees, walked around and pondered upon God's grace to release the sore on the knees.
6) Went down on the knees again after about half an hour and continued to read and meditate upon God's word.
7) Prayed without ceasing and poured out the hearts desire to the LORD.
8) After praying, sang spiritual songs and hyms to encourage oneself and to the LORD.
9) Continued the cycle until the time was up.
10) Took a light meal and drank water just to ensure the stomach did not overwork due to huge meal intake.
11) Motto: God is able to deliver and He will deliver. If not, let it be know that I will continue to serve the LORD as He has the best plan for me even though I may not be able to see now but in due course, I will smile at His everlasting love and grace.

Sabrina said...

I look so ill on that photo... :( And I'm still ill now... :(

Priscilla Tews said...

hey dad.....7am to 3pm fast sounds manageable....except that I don´t wake up so early on the weekends....

Priscilla Tews said...

Hey jiejie,
you don´t look just look like you closed your eyes!

Trying To Be A Smart Alec said...

I fast 12 hours everyday from 8pm to 8am. Praying earnestly before I go to bed. Is this counted?

Priscilla Tews said...

Hahah! You mean that you sleep in between and don´t eat after 8pm and before 8am? Hahah, I think not counted leh....


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