Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dancing night with friends.....

We were invited for an impromptu dinner gathering last Friday. It consisted of my hubby, myself, Miri (half-german-half-Bolivian), Gabi (German) and her new hubby, Adel (half-German-half-Egyptian). Talk about being international.....

Anyways, these are some people from church, whom I got to know better when I organised casual dinner-cum-get-togethers on Fridays, before I started working. Since then, I haven´t been able to continue these gatherings since I usually have to work late on Fridays....what a pity.... Therefore, it was so nice that Gabi decided to organise a gathering by cooking dinner for us at her place....Adel is a professional dancer and he put on some salsa music and we simply had such a superb time dancing!!!!

Later, the girls chatted about life, love, God, dreams, hopes ...everything under the sun and the boys had their separate fun. We ended up staying until about 1.30am. Really want to treasure up all these things and ponder them in my heart (Luke 2:19), lest I forget.

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