Thursday, December 11, 2008

Social gathering

That´s me in my new long-sleeved white top that I bought from Zara (15€) instead of 20€. Love the way my necklace matches so well with it!

We met up with Stephan´s friend and his family (whom he got to know while studying for tax advisor´s exams). They were so sweet and treated us to German food, even though its the first time the girls met each other!

A very old German restaurant that used to be a mill

My meal of salmon with prawns. The sauce was awesome!

Stephan took the German speciality: Rump steak (400g) done to perfection


lilacdropsofdew said...

hi pris dear, did u cut your hair? your hairstyle looks different :) andrea

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear andrea! :) No leh, I didn´t cut my hair. Thinking of cutting it soon though. Thanks for your lovely comments!


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