Thursday, December 04, 2008

Retreat weekend with the Lord

Going for a retreat tomorrow! My hubby and I are going for a retreat with the Lord tomorrow until Sunday! :) Basically, a retreat is a time when one takes extended time to be with the Lord, spend time in His word, pray....basically to give God the time and space to be with us. This will be my first retreat in Germany and I´m excited to see what the Lord in store for us. Its organised by the church and are meant for leaders who serving in the church. We fasted and prayed for 24hours on Sunday to prepare ourselves spiritually for this weekend. The fast was really really tough, but we´re both so happy that we could do this together, while supporting and encouraging each other (esp. when we both started fantasizing about nothing but food, food and more food......) We actually broke the fast at 12 midnight with a superbly nice fried portion of Maultaschen (german dumplings) with eggs. Anyways, if you´re reading this, we would appreciate a short prayer that both of us would be really refreshed in the Lord, gain new insight and guiding from Him and simply to enter into the rest that He has for us. Thanks! God loves you!


Fast and Pray said...

Examine what Jesus did after the first 40 days of fasting in Matthews 4:17 & 18. It was the beginning of his ministry as well as succession planning to enable the saturation of His words via his disciples.

Keep it up with fasting as it is commanded to do as often as possible since Jesus has been taken away from us for a while.

More blessed to give than to receive.

Priscilla Tews said...

Dear Dad
That´s exactly what I thought when I was fasting. I think its fine to fast. The next time however, I´ll probably fast from internet instead. That´s smth I use much more than I eat. :)


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