Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Grilled Tandoori chicken with salad and garlic bread

I had leftovers.... (who doesn´t?) Anyways, blame it on the weather, or the constantly dark clouds, since the sun sets real early (it gets dark at 5pm), but I´ve been really uninspired to cook lately. Or perhaps the perils of baking 2-failed-and-1-semi-ok pandan cake took its toil on me. Anyways, these days more often than not, I find myself scratching my head and figuring what to cook instead of being a good housewife and plan my weekly meals in advance. Its quite fun too, since I get to put on my thinking cap and I get this innate pleasure when I get to invent a new meal purely from leftovers. I had leftover garlic bread, half a lettuce, leftover cheery tomatoes and some chicken fillets. At first thought I just wanted to make a chinese meal with some chicken whatever and salad as a side dish, but then I realized, wait a min...this would make a nice east-meets-west salad. So tata! Low in carbo, enough proteins, vitamins and minerals and best of all, used up all my leftovers! Stephan was so proud of me! Simple, satisfying and healthy meal....without making one bloated or guilty at having eaten too much at dinner......

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