Monday, November 27, 2006

God is so good... really.

Need to share a HUGE blessing after what happened last week - it was a horrible week.

On top of the Berlitz stuff, we had a concurrent problem with our neighbours too. We stay on the 2nd floor and whenever our neighbours shut the main door in the morning, the walls are not sound-proof, so naturally the noise from the slamming doors disturbs Stephan and I. Hence, we put up a sign on the corridor asking the neighbours to close the door silently. What happened later was a series of misfortunate events - sounds like the Jim Carrey show.

Wednesday night - 1st sign put up on the corridor
Thursday morning 7am - Sign mysteriously "disappeared"!
(It was impossible that the wind blew it away or smth, cos the sign was pasted on the inside of the corridor. We suspected the "culprit" but didn´t want to point fingers... )
Thurs night - 2nd sign put on the corridor
Friday morning 530am - We got woken up by an immensly loud slam of the door as if someone was trying to protest against the sign. The sign was still there in the morning, but by the afternoon at 3pm, I heard someone tearing the sign and walking to the garbage area to throw it away. I wanted to confront the person, but was scared to do so, since I was alone in the house and the person sounded very angry.

While I was being pĂ­ssed off, I suddenly had a very clear voice in my heart "Bake a cake for them"...I did not know where this voice came from, but I kinna dismissed it as I was like thinking to myself "Why the heck shd I bake a cake for the stupid guy who just tears my sign and throws it away without having the guts to talk to us??!??" Then, I was venting my frustrations on MSN to my friend from France and she suddenly said the same thing about "baking a cake and inviting them over for coffee"... I was like ???? Is that coincidence?

I had invited my friend over for dinner on Friday night - that was planned long ago. He´s from Brazil and I got to know him from my integration course. He has a wonderful testimony about how God spoke to him and changed his life in Germany. He had come over to watch the World Cup and has been in Germany ever since. Anyways, we had a wonderful evening and I was really blessed just to be able to listen to his advice, his stories and just the testimony of the changes in his life. And ... He said the same thing about baking them a cake! I was like ? Wah, 3 times in one day about doing the same thing..... So I felt Yes, I should do that! But God really needs to help me to do something like that with a cheerful heart and not with grudge.

On Friday evening actually, Stephan went up to talk to the neighbours personally and he basically got ear-full from the guy who threw away the sign. In short, that guy is the typical strong-headed, nobody-better-not-tell-me-what-to-do type of person. Stephan was the nice guy and even apologized for putting up the sign! He said sorry for putting up the sign without first consulting the neighbours.... In my opinion, I wouldn´t even have apologized for that.... I just felt that that guy didn´t have any right to throw away our sign! Felt that he should have the basic courtesy to talk to us if he didn´t like what we did. That guy was of the opinion that we have no right whatsoever to tell the neighbours what to do. If they slam the door, we should live with the inconvenience of that, because that´s what living in a community is all about. %&/$'#?

In church yesterday, the message was about perservering and blessing ppl instead of cursing .... And one of the verses was "For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled and he who humbles himself will be exalted" Luke 14:11 And the pastor mentioned about "baking cakes and giving to neighbours" - the exact words!

Anyways, yup that was exactly what I did and Stephan passed the cake to the neighbours. I didn´t go, cos I was busy cleaning up the kitchen so that we wouldn´t be late for our show "Casino Royal" Which was a really good show I should say! I really felt the peace from God about doing that. And the main thing that compelled me to do that was really that I didn´t want to be disobedient to what God told me. Its not like I LOVE my neighbours now, but I mus say that God has definitely softened my heart about them.

Oh and the great thing that God blessed with me.... OUR CLASSROOM IN BERLITZ IS FINALLY BIGGER! Woo-hoo! Amen, praise God! He has heard our prayers! Woo-hoo! There was tremendous pressure from the students to the staff to give us a bigger room, but even with that, I was not sure if we would end up having the bigger room - since the other coursemates who used the bigger room had finished their course. But boy! I was estatic when I saw that we DO have the bigger room!


Anonymous said...

The miracle of God and prayers.

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Anonym,
U´re absolutely right. Care to share who u r?

Beau Lotus said...

They gave you the bigger room and tried to give me the computer room - and I'm paying 50 bucks a lesson - so that's why :-). Now where's the justice?


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