Friday, October 20, 2006

Nice visit from london girls!

Hihi, I wanted to post about this before, but didn´t have the time to do so... so yah here it is. Last weekend (about 1 week ago), we had a very pleasant and thoroughly enjoyable visit from Sabrina and her best friend, Lauren. It was so cool to have lunch at my in-laws on Sunday and just enjoy a lazy day, talking, watching my wedding video and catching up with the stuff that both of them have been doing. Its such a nice break to be able to speak english and not have to wreck my brain with german - not that its very bad.... I´m actually enjoying talking to my in-laws in german, cos somehow I seem to understand their accent more when I converse more to them..... Thank God that they don´t speak Swabish! =)

Yup, better write something nice about the London girls since apparently both of them read my blog pretty regularly! I was pretty surprised when I met Lauren for the first time and its like I feel like she knows all about my life - courtesy of my blog and Sabrina of course! hahah. Nah, its okay.... cos I trust Sabrina and of course I trust the people that she trusts, so yup.... friends of close friends and family are welcome into my blogger world! Would definitely wanna visit London and see their world! =)

Stephan´s contented to be the only guy in the pix

My new German family!

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