Monday, August 28, 2006

My internet is UP!

Hey peeps! My internet is finally up! I´m so ultra happy! Finally, I can access the web anytime I want. Really so thankful! Honestly, plus the connection is ultra fast! Amazing... Yups, so finally I can post pictures of my place properly plus some cooking stuff....... Welcome to my place in germany..... Let´s begin.

Breakfast on first and second day.

The most important part of the house....

My bedroom, no masterbed yet, so separate mattresses. My ikea lamp in the corner!

Nice view from my bedroom....

The living room!

The three young plants - a NEW beginning!

The study room - its much neater now

Hallway with new bulbs, my empty kitchen!


jennifer said...

Dear Pris, Stephan's family is so sweet and kind and I feel like I don't have to worry about you cos you are surrounded with close family members who love you and will grow to cherish you more and more. God's blessings overflows. Your cup overflows with Blessings... =) Thanks so much for sharing your joys in your blog, I am so blessed just reading how your life unfolds(it is a testimony of God's goodness!). You know Pris, you are a natural when it comes to housework, and your "wifely" duties... the breakfast was so nice with the decoration and I can imagine how neat and nice you will place pack things into place really soon. You are fun, fuss free and yet creative as a housewife... cool... haha... cheering you on!!! Please say hi to Stephan for me, I miss him too! =)

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi dear jennifer!

Hey babe...I´ve had some down times too. Especially whenever I miss Singapore and everything familiar. Plus it hard to survive without the comforts of hawker food and a proper kitchen. Thankfully Stephan is v. supportive in terms of eating whatever I cook. Heehee. U r so good in hospitality. That´s smth i´m still learning hee. Oh, sure... stephan prepares breakfast normally. Hee, will post pix of my cooking soon!Thks for yr encouragement in terms of being a housewife!

ai ling said...

hey pris! the house looks soo nice!!! :) heh... take your time to do it up ok? It's really fun!

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Ailing! Thks for your advice! I think its true that I need to take my time to fix it up! Sometimes I can get impatient, esp. with the kitchen haha.


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