Monday, July 31, 2006

Adult cell farewell dinner-cum-karaoke

Yups...its photo galore... we had our adult cell farewell gathering at SPIZZA last saturday...Thanks to our Stephanie who organised it for us... There were 15 of us altogether..... and the pizza was Yummylicious! It was kinna bittersweet for me and Stephan cause we LOVE our cell so much....For me, I have been attending the cell for about 2 years since the time I started work..... Went there with Elizabeth and little did we know that we would continue to attend the very first cell that we wanted to 'try out' to see if it was suitable.... Really thank God for every single person in the cell who made our lives so enriched and memorable.....

Funny thing is that Stephanie suggested walking across the bridge to Sentosa so that we can spend some time talking and chatting.....however, half the group saw a signboard saying that the pedestrian bridge to Sentosa is closed...until 2 days later..... but the other half (me included) decided to give it a shot anyways..... as if the signboard was lying.... But yeah, we walked across planks, construction areas to the edge of the bridge just to realize that it was REALLY closed! It was fun anyways....and it was the same group of people who stayed back for some really cool, very fun karaoke! First time I see Stephanie dance so much !!!! Hahah,Ryan sings superbly too!

Some pictures as evidence of the immense fun that we had until 2 am!

All dressed up and ready to go! Wore my FONDHUGS skirt......

My lovely cell in full force

Look who's dancing!


Steph Q said...

Yeah!!! I had so much fun too!! We were crazy...I danced till I was dizzy...thanks to Stephan who chose such great songs!

I have video evidence of our craziness too! :P

Priscilla Tews said...

Hi Steph! We had such immense fun! Will definitely remember all these awesome times. So sad that we are leaving...yeah! U posted the video on yr website?


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