Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Dear Isabelle - 6 months old

Dear Isabelle

You're already half a year old! Mummy is so not ready to celebrate your first birthday yet, so please slow down with your growing up my baby girl.


You are officially a crawler! You've been on your belly for a while and finally you decided that enough was enough, so one day you left your playmat! Mummy was so surprised when you were in a different spot from where I left you. Unlike your brothers, you actually managed to crawl forward instead of backwards at first try. Well done you!

Now, we have to make sure that your brothers' loose legos are not scattered all over the floor because it won't be long before you realise you can actually pick things up and put them in your mouth.

Food intake

Honestly baby, you're still 100% breastfed. Usually Mummy would introduce solids at the 6-month mark but since you're so well-fed and contented with breastmilk, we have decided to continue to breastfeed you exclusively for a longer time. You are very interested in food though and often make chewing movements when you see us eat. We have given you bits of bread, cheese, pear, banana and even rice for you to nibble. What can I say? You're a foodie really!

First accident

Oh baby girl, unfortunately you experienced your first major accident 2 weeks ago. It happened at the paediatrician of all places. We brought you there for your 6-month check-up and your older brother Liam climbed onto the bed where you laid down. Just when I was undressing your for your check-up, Liam insisted on climbing down the bed. However, Mummy was unable to coax him to climb down by himself. He kept insisting that he needed my help. Just when Mummy was guiding his leg to reach the step at the side, that was when the doctor's assistant screamed. Mummy was unable to react in time and the next thing I knew, you were lying on the floor, screaming your lungs out.

It was the most terrifying thing ever. It was quite a high bed and I was totally in shock. You screamed, Liam cried and Mummy almost cried, but managed not to. The doctor examined you immediately and he said you're fine. We even had an X-ray of your skull to see if there were any internal injuries and thank God, there was nothing.

Mummy examined you, expecting to see a huge bruise / bump on your forehead, but there was nothing! Just a slight scratch and redness, but no obvious sign that you had a terrible fall. It was really quite a miracle! Mummy is 100% convinced that God really sent his angels to protect you! You were really unscathed from the whole ordeal.

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God! At moments like this, Mummy is really reminded on the fragility of life and how dependent we are on God!


You are about 8.2kg and 68cm at 6 months. You're pretty much at 50% percentile for length and 90% for weight. Know what I mean about why I know you're well-fed with breastmilk? In a baby's first year, 100% of your nutrition comes from breastmilk, so Mummy is going to milk the whole breastmilk goodness for what its worth.


You continue to be a happy and easily contented baby. You love sleeping in the stroller and would wake up with all smiles. You have started to experience separation anxiety and would no longer allow any stranger to carry you. Even Daddy has a hard time putting you to bed these days. Oh well, Mummy has got to try to enjoy these exclusive moments with you even more. Thank God that you're more mobile these days so that means you can be put on the floor where you crawl around and Mummy doesn't have to carry you all over the house.

Sleep habits

You're not sleeping through the night yet. You still wake up for feeds at least twice a night. I don't mind that really, because it means that you sleep longer in the morning. We co-sleep and you enjoy snuggling up to Mummy.

Family time

Your brothers continue to adore you with Gabriel having such a soft spot for you. Mummy can always count on Gabriel to take care of you and soothe you if you're crying.

I think that pretty summarises what you're like at 6 months old! We love you little Munchkin! We pray that you'll continue to be little sunshine that you are and that God will be the source of your light and strength for each day of your life!

Mummy & Daddy

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